I am a Ferrari without fuel

I haven't been blogging the last couple of days as I have been sick. I got sick after lunch on Monday and wasn't able to move out of bed until yesterday late afternoon when I had to go out to go to the doctor. It was the doctor saying I was a Ferrari without fuel meaning I was in good shape but that I was in a very big need to rest and eat a lot before he wanted me to get back to work or actually doing anything.

Today I have been feeling quite well but totally without energy. I have been at home all day doing more and less nothing. Suddenly reading and watching movies felt to hard, that's how weak I have been.

Now I just got back from 'Big Pizza' where Torri took me to eat a simple pizza just to eat something else than just white rice. It was delicious but I didn't manage to eat very much anyway..

Tomorrow I really hope I will be back to my normal me! Fingers crossed!



  1. Hej söta. Ja, du är verkligen en Ferraribil med en otrolig styrka och energi. Krya på dig, hoppas du tar igen dig snarast.
    Kram från ett väldigt kallt Stockholm

  2. curati fanciulla


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