Lots of work, dancing and weather speculations

In Rome earlier this year...
My usual Mondays but with much more work than normal. Thursday was supposed to be one of my month closing days but as it is a holiday day I have to close the financial month in just one or two days so now I carefully have to plan my job to be able to do everything on time. On Monday next week we'll know if I manage or not but it will be a real challenge.

On top of stressing for work I am stressing for the b***dy hurricane Sandy who's is on its way towards New York. I just hate it.

But tonight I went to my dance course, had the time of my life and forgot about everything and everyone. It was good for my terribly aching muscles after the riding as well as I managed to get really warm while dancing and could stretch out well afterwards.

For dinner I made myself super yammi multigrain pasta with mushrooms and cream. Gnam gnam.



  1. Jag tycker också orkanen känns väldigt läskig. Läser allt jag kommer över om den... Kram

  2. About the job...well, I'm lucky :-) About the gym... I'm lazy! I'm a disaster, I'm thinking about a 30 day challenge for myself in November!


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