My weekly run

One of many of my weekly missions is to run 30 minutes a week. I have understood that I am not a big fan of running so it is not like I do it with big pleasure but I have realized that results of running are many and they are too good to ignore.

Sometimes I only run 10-15 minutes before I head of to a fun work out course and then I try to do it 2-3 times in that week so the total of my running equals with at least 30 minutes. And sometimes, quite rarely, I do like today and I get myself to run 30 minutes at together. It is hard and I really have to force myself to go on, no gain if no pain right? But even of I can almost say it feels like a real torment to get though a long run I feel so good about myself afterwards. Running does not give me the energy and happiness dancing does but instead it makes me feel really proud of myself and the day after I can feel that every part of my body has been working out well and that is great feeling too.

Now it is time for the BIG FINAL of the Italian apprentice. Will write about it tomorrow....

Happy Tuesday evening!



  1. U already got a perfect body so I wonder what kind of amazing results the running can give u?

  2. To get toned body is just a small part of my reasons for training well and hard!

  3. I will definitely follow your advice and try to do the interval running. At least till I don't get better....

  4. Yea you should... that's how I started off before this summer :)


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