Peter Lindberg exhibition

Today I finally manage to find some time to pass the Peter Lindbergh exhibition here in Milan.

Peter Lindbergh is a is a German photographer and filmmaker. He has been working with most super models for Vogue all over the world and later also for Vanity fair, the New yorker and Rolling Stones magasine. He has also done few films.

The exhibition here in Milan started in the beginning of September but I haven't been able to get there until now even if Corso Como 10 is 5 min by car from my place...

The black and white exhibition called "The unknown" was nice and interesting. I love photos and I start wonder why I don't go to more photo exhibitions?

Some of his photos found on the internet,



  1. I love them too and never go to see any of them if someone doesn't invite me. Going to see this one though next week.


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