Reasons to practise aerobics

My second and last gym day this week. and I went for an hour of aerobics. It was some time ago I did an ordinary aerobics class.

Aerobics, like many other training forms, helps you to keep in shape, get a better health and combat stress. Aerobics unlike many other training forms also helps you to tone your body (more than building it up) and at the same time train your brain in a absolutely great way.

It is obvious that running and fit dance makes you burn more fat, pumping weights at the gym makes you build bigger muscles and pilates makes you more flexible.  But aerobics gives you a little of all this at once.

I love most group training and aerobics has since I was 15 always been a part of my life. The often I manage to go, the better I feel.

Now I gonna go and pick up my Swedish friend Zarah that is coming to do a weekend alla Milanese style. Jippppiii!! :)



  1. Hej. Den syns på dig att du varit aktiv sen du var liten, stort plus till dina föräldrar. Du har nog fått all din energi från dem?
    Inga nya trevliga Italienska låtar att dela med dig av?
    Kram och trevlig helg

  2. Buon weekend Mary


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