Saturday morning treat

Weekend again. This week has just rushed by as for me it feels it was Saturday just yesterday...

Saturdays for me always means I need to catch up doing all the things I never manage to do during the week evenings as I am always out.

Today I need to do 4(!!) washing machines. Puh.

I also need to: 
- study a bit
- go to the supermarket
- go to the gym for at least one hour
- pop by the sun bed as I am already white like a ghost
- clean and organize a bit at home

But it's Saturday so now after breakfast I had put on one washing machine  had a shower with some face and body treats.

1. Amazing body cream from Victoria Secret - Secret charm
2. Givenchy - Peel me perfectly - My face peeling favorite of all time. Leaves the face soft like a baby and with a clean and fresh feeling. It is also not overly expensive so I would really recommend it.
3. Givenchy skin drink express - moisturizing face masque.
Moisturizing face masques are important for people with such dry skin as I have but I haven't found a really good one yet. This one is from Givenchy but it is no longer on the market anymore. It is ok but as it gives moisture to the face but not as much I would like it to do.

Now I think I gonna go back to bed and read for a while before I get on with all the things I need to do...



  1. Victoria Secret creams are the best. Gonna try the face scrub then, tanks

  2. Holister creams are funky too by the way!


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