Two tourists in Milan

Picnic in Parco Sempione

Arco della Pace

Piccolo teatro - Most famous theater in Milan

Ice cream at my absolute favourite ice cream bar Amorino

La Scala - the opera house

Piazza della Scala with Leonardo da Vinci

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Duomo of Milano

Colonne San Lorenzo 


Aperitivo at La Ringhiera

Slightly more lazy day than yesterday but still a nice, sunny and quite active day.

Started of with lunch in the park and stayed laying on the grass in the sun for more than two hours before we started walking around watching people. Afterwards we walked trough the old part of Milan, Brera, stopped for an ice cream and continued though the centre towards down to the Navigli where we took an aperitivo for dinner.

Now we gonna enjoy a girl night in with Swedish crisps and a Swedish movie in good company.



  1. Finfina bilder från Milano och speciellt il Duomo.

  2. myyyyyyyyyyyyys!!!!milano ser ascozy ut!!:o)jag vill oxa komma dit!!


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