Happy New Year Genova

With this post number 500 I would like to wish you all happy new year :) I am in Genova to celebrate the evening with Francii and friends...
Picture taken from Francii's terrace

Stella, our new family member

Just a couple of days after I left Stockholm my mum brought home a new little star to be part of our family. Her name is Stella and she is a 7 month old Powder puff, in other words a Chinese Crested dig with fur.

I haven't even mer little Stella yet but I love her already anyway and I can't wait to meet her. If I one day gonna get a dog I wouldn't mind getting a naked Chinese Crested.

Now I am in a hurry to prepare for New Years Eve.



New years pizza with Ste

Pizza at Pizza OK.


Sunny end of December

Today has been a very beautiful December day. 12 degrees, sunshine and a beautiful blue sky. I took a walk down town, visited Danii at Rinascente and then met up with Anna and Veronica for some shopping. 

The first pic is Veronica and I trying on some funny thingys at H&M.


Cinema - Life of Pi

I have very high expectations yesterday when Torri and I walked down to the cinema five minutes from where  I live to see the new movie "Life of Pi". It has god such high votes everywhere and as I knew it was about nature and animals I thought it would be the movie of the year...

The first disappointment was the cinema itself. All cinemas in centre of Milan are historical and beautiful but crap in the function of being a cinema.

The second disappointed was that this historical cinema didn't have the movie in 3D which I was hoping for so we decided to see it in 2D instead.

Third disappointment was the movie itself. Over two hours long and it didn't really make sense. The nature images was amazing and for sure they would had been very fascinating in 3D but the story... It didn't really give anything. I was hoping for good friendship with the animals. But no. I was hoping for some love. But neither that. I was hoping for some action. Nothing. The movie was just long and it didn't give me anything and Torri agreed on that.

My rate:
( m m m )



Two types of body burn

I have just had a great start of my Saturday. I got up at 10 and after breakfast I went to the gym for a body burn fitness class. It was a good class waking up the body in a very efficient way.

After the gym I went to Gim Beauty center to half burn myself in the sun shower. And as it is almost New Years they offered me a quick face cleaning for free.

Now I gonna prepare a Swedish "fiskbullar" lunch and then get started with a little secret project I got...

Have a great Saturday folks!


Hungarian dinner at Anna's

Have had a very nice evening with Anna's friends and family eating Hungarian very delicious food made by Anna's mum.



Extra need of exercising after Christmas

After 10 days of training break today I got back on track...

On the airplane down to Milan two girls in my age were talking about starting training ater new years eve. They would first eat all crap things they could the whole weekend and then start training the 2nd January. I got so frustrating hearing the stupid discussion so I was highly motivated when I went to the gym.

I did one hour of power pilates (that I normally can't do for the early schedule) and then my favorite step tone class. Both classes was focused burning all Christmas food people have been eating these days.  More than too much food I feel I have been eating too much sugar during these days. I do allow myself to eat how much food I fancy eating but I normally try to keep the sugar level quite low and I can say that I haven't really done that these days in Stockholm. So that is why I feel like exercising a little extra now, to burn that extra energy that sugar has created.

I feel great after today's workout. My muscles hurt tomorrow but I know that it just good signs.

Now I gonna have a warm bath and then choose one of my new books to start of tonight.


Breakfast with dad at Arlanda

Bye bye Stockholm, will miss you a lot....



Wayne's with the girls

 Obviously the biggest is mine ;)

One thing I just love that I can't find in Italy is hot Chai latte made of Chai syrop. One of the coffee chains doing it best is Wayne's Coffee and today I met up with Anna, Cicci and Zarah on a new Wayne's in town for some girl talk and big chai lattes.


Swedes loves candy

This is how most Swedish supermarkets looks like... Must mean Swedes buys loads of cakes and candies. And it is just getting more and more and the cakes are getting bigger every time I get here. I love them but I start wondering where all those healthy Swedes are...?



Around home


My first Instagram grid

You guys can't even imagne how long I have been longing to be able to get instagram... I have downloaded it on non interested friends phones just to play...

Yesterday when I got my new phone the first thing I did was to download Instagram and today I have been playing all day.

Here you see a grid of my first instagram pics.


Snowy Vasaparken with dad

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