A workaholic gets a sushi break

Today at work was long. Or actually it passed before I manage to blink but I also know I didn't stop a second. 100% focused for 11 hours and I got out feeling brain washed. Thanks god I had such great plans to meet up with Francii who was in Milan for the night. The two of us together with Iaia, Karol, Torri and another 7 people went to Wasabii for a massive sushi dinner. Just what I needed.

Now I sit staring into the wall listening to the Swedish radio station 'Lugna favorier' and I know I gonna fall asleep any second.



Lots of work and some pilates

I am a person that get stressed quite easily and with that I mean that unhealthy stress that gives pain your stomach, chest and head. My new job (it might not be that new any more?) get very stressful by the end of every month and last month I just felt like leaving everything on my desk, say good bye and walk out...

This month end I am more prepared, I know what I am supposed to do and I have tried to get ready for the financial balancing since Friday by getting everything in order and try to get as much as possible out of my way to be able to concentrate on the hard work when I get there. Tomorrow and Thursday will be the b.i.g days and I keep my fingers crossed things will go quite smooth.

Today time just flew by but when it was time to go home I actually felt I had done quite a lot which was a great feeling. After work I went to the gym for a pilates class which made me forget about all problems and just concentrate on the training. That's why I love pilates, the importance to focus on what you are doing makes you relax and work out in the most perfect combination.

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Slightly busy... and it's much more to come...

Lago Maggiore June 2011

Last days of the months and like all other months things are getting more and more busy at work. I got a mountain of things I need to do and more is constantly arriving... Today I manage to do quite a lot but I got ut and felt brain washed. After an hour pumping at the gym I now just got home. I talked few minutes on skype with my dad and now I think I gonna take a long bath to try to relax before heading to bed.



Sunday with Gambii

Afrernoon tea at Nero Fondente
Aperitivo drink at Manhattan Bar
Dinner at Officina 12
Yesterday an quite old friend of mine came from the Veneto area to visit me here in Milan. We spent the afternoon walking around in the sunshine in central Milan, we passed Rinascente to say hi to some of my ex colleagues and them went on walking all the way down to the Navigli.

As we have both lived in London we went for a typical British afternoon tea in a very nice coffee place down the Navigli called Nero Fontente. Afterwards we passed the chick Manhattan bar for a drink before continuing to the lovely Officina 12 for dinner.

In short words we had a very good Sunday!
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Sushi dinner at Kyto

Saturday night out at Kyto restaurant, a sushi place in Corso Tricinese offering all you can eat for just 15 euro. The sushi was good but the rice was very strange, a bit too hard and hmm just different. It was well worth the 15 euros we spent but far away from the best sushis I have eaten in Milan...


First spring day

To suddenly wake up, look out of the window to see the spring has arrived gives the most wonderful feeling. Yesterday we got 19 degrees and a lovely sunshine so it was a perfect day to go for a very long walk and me and Torri did. We went to idroscali di milano and walked around for hours just enjoying the sun. It was very warm but just because it is still Februari we were still winter dressed, I remember that in 18 degrees in London, in maybe May, I would have walked out in just a mini skirt and with a light sweater and not in heavy winter boots and a woolly.



Carnival party

Dinner with Danii

 Drinks at Victoria Cafe

 Party at Le Banque

This week has been a whole week celebrating the carnival, schools has been closed and many people have gone away for long weekends. Around whole Italy there are several celebrations since a week and obviously nightclubs have taken the opportunity to organize masquerade parties. I haven't been much of a night club person lately but when my friends organized a little girls night out I couldn't resist not to come along so with the bunny ears on I joined to le Banque yesterday night. Had a awesome time!

Today we have such amazing spring weather so now I have to get ready to go out in the sunshine.



True friends

Anna and I in Rimini July 2004

When the days are tough the need of a true friends get bigger. Those are also the days when you can start sorting out among your friends who is actually a true friend and who's not. Fake friends will be with you when you are happy since they want to share your happiness. But fake friends won’t be with you in difficult times. Only true friends will choose to be with you in difficult times.

Yesterday and the day before has been very hard days for me and it has been easy to see who's actually care and who doesn't. Yesterday after the gym I got home, had dinner with Luisa and after a quick shower I got to bed tired, sad and worried. That's when a really good friend of mine, Anna, pops up on skype and just says the words I needed to hear in that particular moment.

 "True friendship isn’t about being there when it’s convenient; it’s about being there when it’s not."

I went to bed still worried but feeling much better than before the skype call and that is when I realize how much a true friend means. Thanks my sweethearts for supporting messages, love you all!



Dinner at Wu Taiyo

What a day... whoever knows we well knows what I have gone through, for the rest of you I just say I have had a very tough day...

In some kind of way I manage to get home from work and exhausted I felt asleep after just a minute of two. 20 minutes later my boyfriend came to keep me company and then he brought me out for dinner at restaurant Wu Taiyo, an asian fusion restaurant just around the corner from where I live but that I actually had never seen before. Very nice place, for sure we'll go back.

Good night.


Shaping up

Me in Monte Rosso - Cinque Terre September 2011

Mondays is my gym day but this Monday I first was hold longer as work due to a meeting and then I went straight home in bed thanks to a terrible headache. So yesterday I had to make it up for the missed Monday workout so I went to the gym after work, did my hour of pilates and went on with one hour of 'body sculpty'. I went home terrible tired in my body but with such a great feeling. I had dinner with Luisa and then watched "The black swan" on SKY.

Too bad I this morning woke up with my body aching and I realised that I absolutely did not do enough of stretching after the hard body sculpty class. My mission is to get much more flexible and toned up, yesterday I might have taken one step ahead on the toning up side but one step back on the flexibility side...



Absolut Sunday

With Danii's new sun glasses on... :)

Silvia and Ilaria
Me, Simone and Silvia

Today after my pilates class I went to Rinascente to pick up Danii. I happily walked around the ground floor to talk to my old colleagues, so much fun to see so many of them again. Afterwards Danii and I went for aperitivo at Victoria Cafe and later on Silvia, Ilaria and Simone came to pick us up and we all went to Straff for drinks. As I am working early tomorrow morning I couldn't stay out late but it was nice anyway.

Now I am immediately off to bed. Good night.


This years first strawberries

Yesterday evening Torri joined me by car to go a big supermarket to get my weekly food shopping done. In there I found lovely looking Italian strawberries and I couldn't hesitate not to get them. Now I am eating them and maybe they were not as nice as they looked but we have to keep in mind they are coming for areas in south Italy that for at least a week have had more snow than the alps so I guess I couldn't expect more. Yam yam.

Now I gonna get ready for my Sunday pilates and tonight I am meeting the girls. Can't wait.

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