Street Dance 2 in 3D

You all know that I love dancing. Most of all I love to dance but I also very much like to watch other people dance different dance styles. This movie in 3D almost made you feel you where watching a real dance show. London in 3D. Rome in 3D. Paris in 3D. And most of all amazing dancers in 3D. I really much enjoyed every second of the movie show.

In the first Street Dance movie they mixed classic ballet with street dance which I liked a lot and have been searching for courses around Milan with that style without any result. Street Dance 2 mixes street dance with latino style, another very nice mix I would love to try. Zumba is what I can think of and now I am very much thinking to start a zumba course, it would be so much fun.

I went to the cinema with my boyfriend and he said he liked the movie but I would firstly recommend this movie for real dance lovers, you won't get disappointed.



Hiphop show in Milan

I have always been a big hiphop lover so when I yesterday in the park discovered that the design musem Triennale would have a free hiphop show in the evening I decided to go. I met up with Torri and went for aperitivo dinner at Diseo in Corso Sempione and afterwards we went to Triennale, sat down on the grass and enjoyed few hours hiphop concerts. Different and fun.


Busy Saturday with some hours in the sun and a LEGO exhibition

Aren't the Saturday's ment to me a resting day? For me they are not, but when I think back I am quite impressed how much things I manage to do...
- Big breakfast
- One hour Rihanna workout. (Normal workout but only with Rihanna music...)
- Went to the shoe repair
- Went to the tailor to pick up a dress
- Went to Carrefour for the weekly food shopping
- Home, change bedlinnen and wash the "old"
- Wash some clothes too
- Lunch
- Shower, hair masque and total body peeling
- Clean my room
- Got dressed and went out... at 3 pm... finally.

Went to the park, sun bathing and reading my book. After lying in the sun in the park for three hours I went into the morden museum of Milan and saw the little lego exhibition. Then I met up my boyfriend and I'll add more pics from the evening in a while. Now I need to have breakfast.



Millenium wellness party

Fabrii and I


Me and Albii

Birthday girl

Birthday girl and boy

Stefano and I

Friday is not really a good day for me to go out as I am always deadly tired after the working week plus the always stressful Friday at work. But today was Stefano Milano's birthday so I couldn't resist. Went to the Millenium wellness party at Cost to celebrate Stefano and also his friend Valentina on their birthday. I didn't stay out very long but I met friends that I haven't seen in a long time so I had a good time and I am glad I went :)



After all, tomorrow is another day

I can not say anything else than today has been a bad day. At work the system went down, the day when I mostly needed it to work... Then other things happened that I don't wanna share here but that made my day even worst.

After work I went to the gym. I wish I went to the boxing course as that is exactly what I would had needed but there are no boxing courses on Thursdays so instead I went to the body fit course followed by the legs and bums. Together with Luisa I sweat like a pig for two hours through out the two courses  and when I got out I felt slightly better.

However I am still upset but I am trying to convince myself that tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities and I just need to believe that it will be a better day...



Longing for warm summer nights

Italy had nice spring weather in March but this year April has been offering real "April weather" with rain showers that have been lovering the temperaturs. I am so much longing for those lovely warm summer nights when you can you out in just shorts and t shirt in the evening... :)

Tonight Torri and I sat down the river sipping drinks and snacking from the buffet. Then we went home and found a really adventurous movie on the TV called unstoppable. For once I kept myself awake the whole film so it must have been good.

For those who didn't know today was Italy's birthday and that is why I have been off work, but tomorrow I am back to work again.


New Technology

The new very nice Givenchy corner at Rinascente :)

 This morning I went with Luisa, Diana and some other friends to the preview of the film the Avengers. Absolutely not my type of film but I kind of enjoyed the second half anyway and I was highly impressed of the graphics. I don't like sience fiction movies so I never see then and therefor I was surprised of the level of graphic effects they are able to create nowadays.

After the cinema I went into town for lunch with Danii and I also passed a photo shop to choose the new camera I gonna buy.

Now I am sitting in the warm sun down the river waiting for Torri to arrive.

TIM: la tua mail in mobilità con il BlackBerry®

Aperitivo at Lambruscheria


From nowhere a (for me new), fancy and very nice bar popped up close to where I live. It is not that it just opened but it is located on a little street I have never passed. Yesterday Ilaria found it and called me to join her for an aperitivo. Lambruscheria is a wine and salumi bar but I can't say the food was that overly good but they said that when the summer arrives the garden will open and they will also have more food, so I will go back.

Now I am off to the cinema with my flatmates.



Den här bloggposten vaccinerar 95 barn

Just nu söker UNICEF en hälsospecialist till konfliktområden i Afghanistan. I tjänsten ingår bland annat att massvaccinera miljontals barn mot stelkramp, polio och mässling.

Jag skulle gärna ta mig an uppdraget, men eftersom jag inte kommer loss så publicerar jag den här bloggposten istället. Då vaccinerar jag nämligen 95 barn runtom i världen mot stelkramp tillsammans med Apotek Hjärtat. Det är också bra.

Jag är med UNICEF i kampen för varenda unge. Vill du också vara med och förändra barns liv? Bli Världsförälder här: unicef.se/bli-varldsforalder. För 100 kronor i månaden är du med och ser till att barn över hela världen får vaccin, medicin, rent vatten och utbildning.

Har du en blogg och vill vaccinera ytterligare 95 barn? För varje bloggare som publicerar den här bloggposten under kampanjen så skänker Apotek Hjärtat 95 stelkrampsvaccin. Läs mer och hämta bloggmaterial på unicef.se/sprid-budskapet/bloggkampanj

(As I know that almost 1/3 of my readers are Swedish I decided to just once post something in Swedish. For you that doesn't understand I can simply explain that it is a charity post donating vaccination for kids in Afghanistan.)


Tiziano Ferro - Hai delle isole negli occhi

As I know there are many of you enjoying Italian love music I also wanna share this lovely song by Tiziano Ferro. His concert is now in May and I so wanna go but I guess the tickets are already sold out...


Elisabeth Arden Green tea honey drops body cream.

Came home from work, had a shower and then used this wonderful body cream. It dries quickly, leaves your skin fresh and soft and ensures long lasting hydration. I read on it that it contains a blend of real honey and green tea extract. Also friends that have been visiting me have falling in love with this body cream so it is a big hit. I have never been a big fan of Elisabeth Arden products but I might have been wrong and feel I should give them an honest try... 

Elisabeth Arden Green tea honey drops body cream.



Fashion City Outlet and IKEA visits

A new outlet is about to open just next to IKEA in San Giuliano. So far maybe half of the stores are open and today Torri and I went there to check it out. It wasn't bad but in the end we didn't buy anyway. Afterwards we went to IKEA for dinner and there I mange to buy few new things instead. For example a strong reading lamp to keep next to my bed as my old one was slightly to weak to be able to read before going to bed... Now I can and now I will :)

Good night!


Wellness Sunday

It is raining outside, or at least it was raining before and I am happy about it. If it would had been sunny like yesterday I would have gone out to enjoy the sun but as the dark cloud hanged over my house I stayed in and did my own little wellness spa at home.

I started of with one hour "hatha yoga" on my new yoga mat I got for birthday present from my mom. I though I would do it only for half an hour but the time just rushed away and I realsed I had been practicing for an hour when the cd suddenly stopped.

Afterwards I felt tired so I had a long warm bath with Kiehl's olive hair pack on my head and Kiehl's deep pore cleansing masque on my face. Two great products I have written about before, click here to read. I felt like new when coming out of the bath. It is hard to have a better start of a Sunday.

Now I need to hurry up and get ready and meet my boyfriend up for some shopping. 


Tortona design week 2012

Turkish marble snow flakes

Video light show

I love this one...

I don't really like this one...

Most amazing lamps

A massive... semla?

The zone of Tortona get transformed into a massive contemporary and design museum during the week of the big International fair in Milan. The whole area got open gallerias where different designers and companies shows of their latest creative ideas. Obviously there are also lots of differnt food and drinks for sale and the whole thing becomes like a little street festival that would be great fun if it wouldn't be so crowded. There are queues everywhere and even if we walked around for three-four hours we didn't see even half of it. However, I liked it a lot.

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