Bad weather means cosy evenings

Italy have had the most amazing summer. Sunshine every single day since the end of May. The only rain showers we have had are the typical summer rains that passes in an hour but brings more water than a 24 hour rain day does in for example London. It might cause problems but the positive things is that the sun pops out immediately afterwards...

Yesterday, unfortunately, Milan ha autumn weather. Gray clouds the whole day, irritating "small" rain showers from time to time and temperatures hardly reaching 25 degrees. The typical depressing autumn weather.

To make the most of it I went home straight from work, had a hot shower, made a home made vegetable soup for dinner and then my boyfriend arrived for a movie night. I know I gonna get tired of movie nights during the autumn and winter but for being the first one after the summer it felt extra cosy to turn on a movie, some candles and get in bed hearing the rain outside the window.

Saying that, it was nice for a night, but now I want the summer to come back!



Dinner at Ristorante Chekiang

Milano view from a Balcony in piazza Caiazzo
Girl dinner out with two Finish friends at the cinese restaurant Chekiang close to Caiazzo. Very nice food and proof of that was the massive amount of cinese people coming to the place for dinner. Never seen that much cinese people at the same time in my life I think :)

Gym plus dinner out equals a very tired Maria. Now I just gonna have a shower, gonna get my book and go to bed.


Luca Carboni - Fare le valigie

A nice Italian summer song!



First four pics are from Appiano - a wine (grape) paradise for whoever loves wine. For me it was a nature paradise as seeing all the grape plats was so beautiful.



Very very nice lunch place... ohhh wanna go back!

Merano is a little town like an hour away from Bolzano. It is famous for its lovely spas but also for the clean and nice little city with is surrounded by beautiful mountains wherever you look.

Steppy and I went for a half day visit to go shopping, walking and eating well.

See it on the map below:

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa


Total body workout over three days

This week I am slightly less motivated in my training than normal. I am very focused on my job and got less thoughts left for planning my training. And I know it's bad. Being one of those (most?) that just goes to the gym without focus on what I wanna archive is a disappointment for myself but this week has been a little bit like that. However this morning when I thought about it I realized that my training hasn't been that bad in the end...

It is like a total body workout spread out on three days.

Monday: Upper body day! I did 20 min on the cross followed by hard arm, shoulders, breast and back free weights exercises with my personal trainer.
Tuesday: Lower body day - interval running (fast) plus work out for back (again), but and legs. Couldn't do else as my upper body hurt after the Monday training...
Today: To complete my total body workout of the week I will attend the half an hour core class with focus on the abbs.

Well, not that bad in the end, isn't? Next week all classes starts and I will start to carefully plan my training autumn.



Fié allo Sciliar

German concert in the piazza

Water show

Beautiful bar

It is impossible to show by photos how beautiful this little town and the nature around was.... Absolutely amazing!



Lago Di Fié

I was here:
Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

Afternoon nap... got tired of all the walking :)
Saturday morning we got up early to get away trekking (walking) around the Fie' lakes up in the mountains. Isn't it strange to get up in the mountain to go to the lake? However, we got up in the mountains to walk around the beautiful lakes. I didn't really had the right shoes unfortunately but we manage to walk quite far anyway. It was very very very nice! I very much enjoyed it.

Later on when it got too warm to walk around (yes it was hot also up in the alps) we laid down by the lake for some sun bathing and Steppy even went for a swim :)

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