Fishy pasta dinner with Anna and Aschii

Krapfen and Modi

My new love Krapfen

Anna and I cooking

Anna taking a pic for her blog

Anna and Modi

Such two great friends! Yesterday I had to cancel both a pop in to my friend Valentina and then my yoga course as Milan decided to once again have a public transport strike witch means they cancel all city transport after 6pm, involving the metro and most busses and trams.

So I was super happy when Anna late in the afternoon invites me for dinner in her place and Stefano offers to bring me home by car.

I helped Anna cooking the pasta with fish sauce so I learned how to do it. It was so nice and yammi and also very easy to make so for sure I gonna do it again sometime soon!



A wellbeing evening

The rain keeps poring down and I really don´t fancy doing much so I was very getting out from work knowing I had since a while a reservation at the beauty studio for tonight.

I went, I had a back massage, a face cleaning and a session in the sun shower. I got out feeling like new.

To make the evening even better I popped by the gym and did an hour of body sculpty so when I finally got home I felt better than best.

To complete the wellbeing evening I made vegetable soup for dinner and ate it with fresh multi grain bread I bough from the bakery on my way home with some Swedish Grevé cheese on top.

Sometimes some self treat is vital and I just love it.


Robbie Williams tour 2013

The other day Robbie announced his dates for his next year tour and I am not overly impressed. It is obvious that I wanna catch him somewhere at some point but the dates and cities really doesn't fit me. But I have to find a way seeing him and getting a ticket as it is not only Robbie coming but as he has told the world that Olly Murs will be coming along with him at the Europe tour. Two great singers in one concert, that can't be missed!

I have seen Robbie Williams live already 3 times, ones at the Roskilde festival and I was squeezed in the first line just underneath the stage. Yes I am a big fan!

For next years tour I can choose by seeing him
- 29 / 30 June in London
- 20 July in Goteborg
- 31 July in Milan

It would be great seeing him in his almost home town London but during those dates I might be on a wedding in Greece so I can't. Then Gothenburg? Why on earth is he playing in Gothenburgand not Stockholm? So annoying! Also in Italy he choose playing in Milan instead of the capital Rome but that can be more understanding as the stadium he will be playing at in Milan is fantastic, guess the best one in Italy.

Now the big question is when I will go and with who?


Listen to your heart

It happens not even once a month that I go home straight from work to just stay in all evening. If I want a quiet evening I normally pass the gym for a while before creeping home. But yesterday, one of those boring gray, dark and rainy November evenings, I really didn't feel like doing anyway. I have the house full of food after the dinner Monday evening so going out for dinner didn't make sense and as my knee is feeling a bit strange lately I skipped the gym too.

Instead I took long warm bath while reading for a while. Then I ate some leftovers from Monday, I added some old pics onto facebook and  in the late hours Luisa and I made ourselves comfortable in the sofa watching "Listen to your heart", a very tragic and sad but kind of sweet movie.

My rate:
( m m + )



Little dinner at home with colleagues

Mando and Alo are making the tiramisu 

Aschii, Ale, Mando and Ale

Thanks god the cleaning lady will do the dishes
As few weeks ago my colleague Ale invited me, Alo and Mando to his place for an absolutely delicious lunch so now it was my turn to invite the gang to my place. As I can't compete in Italian cooking I made a quite easy Swedish dish; korvstroganof. At least they tried something new... Together with a mix of starters and a lovely Tiramisu made by the girls the dinner went alright and we had a good time.


How to eat sushi

Beautiful Anna

Matteo and I

It has been a while since I went to my favorite sushi aperitivo place Wasabi Solferino. Remember I used to go at least once or twice a moth before but now it has been months ago I went last time.  Yesterday I went with Anna and Matteo, it was good but the buffet had slightly less variety of sushi than it used to have.. But it was nice and we had a good time anyway.

Below you see a very funny and great illusion of how you should eat sushi. The first mistake I always do is that I dip the rice side of the nigiri in the soy sauce while you should dip the fish side... I got lots of learn :)

Pic taken from Cheftaro



Bringing along Aloha to my gym

As on Thursday my colleague Aloha brought me with her to her gym and the absolutely great yoga class today it was my turn to take her with me to my gym. We did the great exercise mix of one hour pilates followed by the total body class. Both held by the very good but tremendous personal training/instructor Cristian. We exercised very well, I left feeling very satisfied while Aloha felt slightly more exhausted.But hey, it was her first class with the bull Cristian, she must go few times before she will get used to his training style.




John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012

I rarely find TV adds that I like but the first one here above is just amazingly sweet! The one below is great too!


Brunch at Milano Bakery

Today I have tried out a new brunch place. I love trying new places and especially as they turn out to be as nice as Milano Bakery. It is situated in a a new office area of Milan where neither myself or Stefano had been before but the area was very nice and modern.

Milano Bakery was new as well and I liked the idea of it. You order one brunch plate and on top of that they have a nice buffet with salads, grilled vegetables, many kinds of home made bread and then some home made dessert cakes. I have a Ceasar salad  lots of bread and american pancakes with nutella in the end, just delicious.


Metropolis cafè with Anna

Friday night drink at Metropolis Cafè with sweetest Anna.

Now I am in a hurry, will write more later.



Great yoga course

The bridge pose - random pic from internet
Yesterday after work I joined some colleagues for an aperitif in a new bar close to work. Afterwards my colleague brought me with her to her favorite yoga class. It was long time ago I practices yoga in group. My own gym just have yoga classes very early in the morning or very late in the evening so I never attend any of them.

Yesterday's dynamic yoga class was great. The yoga instructor Samuela was really good in explaining and as the group was quite small she even walked around helping us. She helped me pushing myself doing things I never thought I was able to do. For example the above yoga position "the bridge" is a thing I never do, I actually thought I wasn't able but instead she helped me getting up and the first time she was holding me. The second time I did it all by myself and felt so satisfied I managed.

The bridge pose builds up the core and lover body strength. It also very much lengthens and strengthens the back. It is vital to have very strong legs, arms and core to be able to do this position, I kind of have it but I was shaking quite a lot anyway. For whoever having knee or back problems should be careful doing this position!



Estée Lauder Advanced night eye repair

 Remember I recommended the Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum once? I love it but I haven't used it for a while. Instead I have been using my day serum underneath my night cream and on top of that I have been applying Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye cream. This is real magic. I got real proof that this creams helps against dark circles and puffiness. It also made my eye area feeling much smoother. It might cost a little as well but I feel it it well worth those money.

Clinique All about eyes during the day and Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye during the night for sure are my favorite eye cream products. But at home I also have Kiehl's midnight recovery eye which is family with the other over night repair serum I tried once from Kiehl's. I got this as a present and as soon as I finish my Estee Lauder night cream I am looking forward to try that one as well. It cost less, but it might be equally good?



No zumba but at least some body toning

Me tonight, looking slightly tired
I got a bad surprise arriving to the gym today. Normally on Wednesday (when I got time) I like to do first the body sculpty course followed by the zumba course, both with a small super energetic girl instructor. Today when walking in my ex personal trainer was standing in the front of the room and when everyone got in he explained the usual instructor has got pregnant so she won't do any more courses for a while. Buuhuuu! I have missed the zumba and was so looking forward it tonight.

I did one hour of body toning tonight and that's it. I am not very happy. Won't do zumba until January now... :(



Ristorante I sapori di Giovy

Tonight Torri and I went to one of the prettiest pizzerias I have ever been to. It is called "i sapori di Giovy" and it is kind of a restaurant which also makes pizzas. The interior was amazingly nice and cute. The service was perfect and the food was nice. The only negative thing were the prices, the pizzas slightly higher than normal but the beer was very expensive, 12 euro for a small bottle.

However a very sweet place and I am sure I will go back. Also because it is just 5 minutes walk from my home.

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