@ ASL for the yearly registration

  Oh I hate this place, the ASL office in Lambrate. Remember how many times I went here trying to register and they kept rejecting me asking for different documents each time? Read about it here

Now when I think about it It feels like taken from a comedy movie. And then I am quite impressed of my own persistence of going back so many times, always with a smile on my face, to re-try again just to be treated like shit. What a worrier I was!

Well, now I am back again, as I have to come back every year, but now it should be easier as I already have the card and just need to renew it. Next number is me...

...OK! Now I am on the tram on my way to work. Everything went well. I was well prepared and had with me all kinds of documents they could ever ask for. Perfectly organized I just handled the man every single document he asked me for, he looked angry all the time but when we were finished he said... "the world would be so much easier if everyone would be organized as you Germans..." GERMAN? I am not German but Swedish! The man just saw my surname and assumed that I was German... well, no time for argue, I just smiled and walked away...



  1. Long live the Italian bureaucracy!

  2. Thanks for sharing

  3. OMG, they sound as bad as the bored, chain-smoking police officers with their feet o the desk who 'sorted out' D's passport last time. XD You know what the Greeks and Italians say: 'Una fazza, una razza'...


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