Sunday BBQ buffet at GRILL

What a great Christmas present I got from my best friend Erika... A dinner at Grill, a restaurant I had never tried and if I wouldn't for Erika I guess I wouldn't had gone either.

From the outside it looks quite boring. It is famous for its meat and I am not a big meat fan. So I have never been overly interested to go. 

But houh, I was so wrong. The interior was fantastic. Cozy, trendy and cool at the same time. Live bad. And the most delicious grilled food. I just loved it!

Thanks hun for a great great present and dinner!


Sunny day at Sundby gård


Soft day...

I need more days like today. Just soft, relaxing with no stress. 

I got up at 9am and had a breakfast with mum.

Went for a walk, met up with Erik and went on walking in the sun. Had lunch at Cafe Bel Mondo. I had the very tasty blueberry pie you see above. Not much of a lunch but that was what caught my eye when I entered the place so I couldn´t resist it. I am on holiday so I am allowed eat things like that for lunch :-)

Got home and met mum and Stella in the door on their way out so I joined them down to Karlbergsparken for a two hours long walk. Today is another very beautiful sunny day, a bit cold but at last sunny and nice.

Now I gonna read a bit and tonight I am off for dinner with mum and dad at my favorite thai restaurant in town!


Ole Ole Tapas with the girls

This time I organized my traditional dinner with my girls at the Spanish tapas restaurant, Ole Ole Tapas . We ordered three tapas per person which turned out to me slightly too much but we could all agree that the food was really good.

Caliente is still my favourite tapas restaurant in Stockholm, but Ole Ole Tapas jumps into the second place :-)

After the dinner we all went to Lemon bar for a drink and some Swedish music. Great evening!


Passports, sun and long walks

At Espresso House in Westermalmsgallerian

First day in Stockholm and I was lucky to find a beautiful sunny day,  It wasn't warm obviously but when taking a long walk with mum and Stella the day felt very nice.

We went to the police station and the passport section to apply for new ones. This must be the worst organised place Stockholm has got. People are queuing for hours. I hate it. Mum and I had even booked an appointment but we had to wait anyway. Sigh.

To celebrate that we in the end manage to do our applications we went for lunch at Espresso House afterwards. I had my first Chai latte for this time, so delicious. 



Off for a well-needed Easter break

I have been very stressed lately. That is why my blogging has been crap... 

At work I am over loaded of work and sometimes I just reach the point where I stare at the piles of papers around me and the lists of things I have to do not knowing where to start and feel like panicking. 

The thing is I am one of those rear people that actually like my job quite a lot. I like what I am doing, who I am dealing with and who I am having around me. So I want to contribute in my best all best and when I feel that I can't manage it I stress out. 

Well, that was few words about my job I almost never talk about. Outside work I haven't done lots lately. I am tired and feel I need to rest so I pop down the gym and then try to relax and go to bed early to feel better the day after...

Tonight Silvia and I went to the power balance yoga. It was great. I felt I did good, trained well and relaxed throughout the whole course. I wish I could do yoga all evening as I always feel such relief afterwards but... I can't do it all days so I have to make the best of the times I go.

Tonight I have been packing. Tomorrow I am off to cold Sweden for Easter celebration with my family. And on Thursday I see all my lovely girl friends. I am so happy. And I gonna eat lost of yammi Swedish Easter candy as well ;-) 

I have decided (hope I am right) that the winter will be over in Italy when I get back after Easter so I have packed all my winter clothes with me and will only take summer things with me back. Had enough of the winter.

Good night sweeties.



Hard training, spa and lots of rain

Sunday and the rain is falling heavily outside the window. It is like a little weather man up there is deciding, during the week it should be 16 degrees and sunshine but in the weekend when everyone's off, then... it should be cold and rainy. And it is not raining normally.. The rain is really poring down and the streets looks more like rivers than streets. 

This morning I took my hunters on and went to the gym. Did a hard total body work out and thought of doing also the aqua zumba class afterwards, but in the end I didn't. Instead I just relaxed one hour in the spa.

Walked home and had lunch and since I have been suffering of a terrible headache and I don't manage to do anything of what I was supposed to. :-( 

Crap Sunday afternoon!


New hair cut...

I went to the hair dresser yesterday. It was three months since last time so for sure it was time for it. 

For the third time I went to Jean Claude Biguine close to Porta Venezia but I must say I wasn't equally satisfied this time... The highlights turned out as I wanted them but the cut... I asked him to cut 2 cm, he cut like 10 cm. I asked to fix the fringe and he manage to get it as short that I now look like a cartoon if I keep it down. 

Sigh. I really hate to go to the hairdresser. 



First time at aqua zumba

Trying and learning new things are as you all know something I love. Today Virgin Villages launched the new Aqua Zumba class and I obviously had to try it out. I even changed the appointment at the hair dresser to be able to do it, that is how important it was for me :-)

Not only, I started off at the gym with one hour of yoga stretch to warm up and stretch out the muscles. Then I went to the aqua zumba class. We were maybe 48 girls and 2 men. The instructor was the really good zumba girl that had the zumba masterclasses few weeks ago. The music was great and I had lots of fun.

But it was kind of strange to dance underneath the water. The water reached me up to my shoulders so everything I did was under the water. For example the gangnamn style dance, under water... So strange. But they say all kinds of aquafit classes are is really good training for your lungs and back so I guess they are good for me. 

It was cool anyway! Tomorrow they do it again, maybe I should go back?


Friday sushi. ..

Lately I am so busy at work and I get home very tired in the evening. I am arriving at Friday evening feeling like a dead fish and just the idea of going out and staying out late make me feel sick. That is why my Fridays normally look the same... I get home from work, rest for a while and then I meet up with someone for dinner, often sushi... Sounds boring but that I how I like it...

Yesterday I met Stefano and we went to Ishin sushi. Easy, nice and just perfect for a Friday night;  delicious dinner and a good friend.

Now I am off to the gym for my first lesion ever of acqua zumba...



A big shame for Ristorante Sorelle Capitone

Sorelle Capitone is a famous Neapolitan restaurant chain (I think?) in Italy. Silvia and I had bought a dinner deal on Groupon and had booked a table for 8pm yesterday. On the coupon the address was stated Via San Vito 4, already there it was something wrong as on that address there was nothing. However a man in a nearby restaurant told us the correct address which was like 200 meter further on on the same road. We went and found the restaurant closed and lots of angry people outside.

Thanks god the deal was bought on Groupon which a very serious website and they will give us back the money. If we would had bought it on Groupalia or prezzofelice or one of those similar but less serious website they wouldn't have done it...

Well, in the end, after the disappointment after the destroyed restaurant evening Silvia and I went to L'ora feliz, always a safe card for a nice aperitivo dinner.

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