Fever girl

For the second day in a row I am on my way to work with 38 degrees fever. Suddenly my head feels heavier than any other part of the body.
Last night I slept 10 hours so at least I should have some energy...

You might think that I am crazy going to work but I am in month closing and my idea is that even if I am not my normal efficient person at least I do get some parts done.

Tomorrow is a red day all over Europe and I know what I gonna do! Stay in bed all day! :-)



Good sushi after a terrible flight

Today I had the second worst flight in my life. The worst was when I flew back from New York to London and I woke up of the on of the engines kind of exploded and the airplane was going straight down for what I felt was for minutes but it must have been just few seconds before the engine started to work again. Terrified. 

Today... The whole flight was nice, calm and on time until... we arrived over Milan and was on our way down to Linate airport. Just over the airport a thunderstorm had decided to park, it just stayed there. First time we tried to land the storm took control of the plan and the pilot managed to turn the airplane straight up in the air again. People screamed and cried. The pilot explain calmly that it was just strong thunderstorm and that we couldn't land at the moment.,,,

We flew around for half an hour and did another try. Same thing happened again. More crying and panicking on the plan. At this point I was more and less sitting in the knee of the poor Italian guy next to me. I was sure to die. 

Third time the pilot managed to land even if the plan was jumping up and down like crazy but instead he didn't managed to break the plan on the ground immediately thanks to all the water and another panic attack crossed the passengers. 

White like ghosts we arrived over an hour late and I had never been so happy to be on the ground.  The rain was poring down heavily but I didn't care, I was walking on the ground and that was all that mattered. 

I went home, thrown in the bag and immediately left for sushi dinner at Mayiko with Matteo. I told him my shocking story but then we talked about other things so I managed to relax.



Leaving lunch in the spring sun

Lunch with my parents and Stella in the sun before heading back to rainy Milan.



Fika, fika, fika and dinner

Today I have had three "fika" breaks plus one dinner. That is all I have done.

Fika is a Swedish word for having a long coffee break often together with someone. And Swedes just loves meeting up for a "fika".

I met up with my old friend Josef before lunch for a morning fika. I haven't met him in many years but it felt like it was yesterday when I sat there talking to him.

After that I went for a short run around the shops trying to find a dress for a wedding I will be attending in June. No success and I am still without a dress.

Then it was time for today's second fika, with Italian Dario that brought me to a small Italian coffee shop where two of three of the guests where Italian speakers. For a couple of hours I felt like being in Italy even if it was in central Stockgolm. Lots of fun.

My last fika was with my sweet Cicci. We had a lunch kind of fika while dog sitting little Stella while mum was out on the theater...

This evening my mum had dinner with her girl friends so Cicci and I joined and after that we sat down looking at lots and lots old photos since we were small babies until today. 32 years of friendship in photos is quite fantastic :-)



AW and thai dinner

AW stands for after work for whoever doesn't know that. Something which is very common all days a week in London, most Fridays in Stockholm and never in Milan. Don't really know why but heading out for a drink after office hour with your colleagues don't seem to be very popular in Milan.

In Stockholm on Fridays are nice and trendy. It can be with colleagues or friends or a mix of it. Tonight I brought together my friends for an after work drink at Grand Central on quite early hours before going out for dinner.

After the drink we had dinner at Tasty Thai; a big, quite fashionable thai restaurant in central Stockholm.


Kebab for lunch

Turkish lunch with dad :-)


Mellqvist bar with Amanda and Billy

Best surprise! Another of my childhood friends that lives in France suddenly happen to be back in Stockholm at the same time as me. So much fun. We haven't met since 18 months or something so it was a big big breakfast date I had this morning.

...Then that the place was Italian supporting Roma was a big plus as well :-)


Koh phangan

Yammi thai food. Jungle sound. Tropical atmosphere.

I just love Koh Phangan restaurant in Stockholm.




Djurgården is one of Stockholm's nicest areas. Maybe because it is the greenest and circulated of the sea. Today my mum, Stella and I went out to the peak of it, Blockhusudden, and then we walked all the way back to the city center. Just a small 3-4 hours walk in the sun :-) We had lunch by the sea at kanotklubben and it suddenly felt like a summer. So nice. But now I can say we are all very tired.

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