Garda lake day trip - Desenzano and Sirmione

Last night Cicci's mum and sister arrived so today the five of us went for a day trip to the Garda lake.

We took the train to Desenzano and walked around a little while. Then we took the boat to Sirmione where we had a delicious sea food lunch and a massive ice cream.

It has been a really great day and now we have sore feet and are quite tired but we are off for dinner anyway. Alla Italian dinner time, 9 pm :)



Mum and Cicci arrived to Milan

As today was my last day at work I today for real started my packing. A never ending job where I actually don't even know what to do with all my things.

A good start was to send up 4 20kg boxes to Stockholm. The currier was coming today but he could not say when so I had to sit at home in between 9am and 6pm to wait for him.... Italian organization...

By midday my mum and my childhood friend Cicci arrived so then came to lunch in my place and then helped me doing some packing until the currier finally came around 5pm and we could go out.

We went for a walk and ended up having aperitvo at wonderful Deseo in Sempione and even Torri joined us after a while. An area which is a must seen for tourists visiting Milan during the summer.

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