Fashion marketing exam done!

First exam is over and done. Finally. I was quite stressed about it.

Actually I am not used to study anymore. My study technics are not as good as they used to be and I find it harder to concentrate when studying. I guess I need to get used to it to be back on track.

A positive aspect of studying after so many years of working experiences is that now, what I read and learn can be seen in a different point of view. I understand it from a company's side and not only learning theories from a book. It becomes much more interesting and enjoyable. 

The course in Fashion marketing was just "a funny thing". I wanted to start off my master year of studies in a fun way so I choose the course that most of all attracted me - fashion - obviously. It is part of the master level of business from the marketing perspective but I can say it was more about fashion theory than business marketing. However, very interesting!

The exam went quite ok I think. But I was disappointed when I didn't know one question at all. I couldn't even guess. But I keep my fingers crossed that the professors will be satisfied with my other 9 answers. 

After the exam I had a nice lunch at my mum's place. 

Then a coffee the Italian way with Dario. 

After that I pushed all my energy and anger out in a body pump class. It felt so good. 

The long day was ended in Cicci's place cooking a lovely chicken tiki marsala, listening to Italian music and talking summer memories. 



Study Sunday

This is how fun I have been having today...

I haven't even walked out from my flat. Have taken a break only for lunch and for the rest I have only been focusing on the books, notes and old exam papers. Now I just keep my fingers crossed that what I have studied will appear on the exam tomorrow, and no surprises ;-)

Off for dinner in my mum´s place now. 
The big highlight of the day!



Lunch at Il forno da Nova

Two days left before the big exam.

Today has been mostly about studies but with two nice study breaks. My dad came by with a TV and then dragged me out for lunch in the area. We went to "Il forno da Nova" a quite famous Italian restaurant at Gullmarsplan. Maybe it is famous, and it was actually very good but the prices are just ridiculous. 

Its gonna take me a while to get used to the Swedish prices of the Italian food. Less quality than in Italy but you pay at least three times the price...

In the evening instead I took my second study break to meet up Sebastian for a glass of wine at fancy "Grand Escalier" in Sturegallerian. Never seen the place before but for sure it was very very nice. 


Weird night out

Cicci, Johanna and Laura
Laura, Johanna and I
What started off like a calm and nice after-work-girl-evening ended up as one of the weirdest nights out in a vert long time. Absolutely unexpected. But forever memorable.

Above is part of the girl gang having after work drinks at Nash and Now. It was me, Erika, Cicci, Johanna, Sanna and Laura. Marie turned up a bit later and we left Nosh and now...

Went for massive cheese burger dinner at Mc Donalds. "Can I have 8 cheese burgers please" :-)

After our little dinner we joined my friend Olle at a private company party in an office at Stureplan. We just walked in and found out it was a hippie theme so we ended up like hippies and had such fun.

Me and Marie
Hippie- Maria

All above are my pictures/memories from the night.

Below you see Laura's photo mix.

The firemen turned up as the fire alarm started beeping due to the smoke machine on the dance floor.

A guy cut a small sore in his hand but started bleeding like crazy... drama...

Then the police or some kind of security turned up as the alarm on the office underneath went off for some kind of reason... Very eventful evening but so much fun.



First dinner at my place!

So, last night I moved in.

Now I live on my own in my own flat. 

Yesterday my mum helped me carrying sone more things from her place to my place and in the evening my dad helped me doing the food shopping of the main groceries needed in the flat. 

What would I do without my parents? 

But the moving, the yoga training and the food shopping was time consuming so I did not cook and instead I had a pizza from a nearby pizzeria for dinner. Gnam :)

Happy Friday!



First yoga session in almost three months

Yoga is one of the things I want to be part of my weekly life! Preferbly yoga but also body balance is good, so I just have to practise one of them at least once a week.

My yoga session tonight at sats was hard. Very hard. I knew how much I was able to push myself few months ago when I practised yoga more regullary but tonight I wasn´t at those levels and when I tried to push myself a little bit more I felt like breaking into pieces.

I was neither as strong, nor as flexible as I used to be so I felt quite crap actually. Well at least, good opportunites for improvements!


Today I am moving...

It has been more than three weeks since I arrived to Stockholm and I have been staying with my mum since. But today I carried most of my things to the flat where I will be staying for a while and tonight I will buy some food move in. 

It will feel strange to live alone I guess. I have been living in a flatshare for so many years so living all alone will be strange. 

Now I am at university. In 15 minutes it is time for our final seminar with presentations, oppositions and conclusions. Fingers crossed!

-Pics above from outside uni :)



H&M study group

My fashion marketing course is almost over. It is less than a week left actually - time really runs fast... On Thursday we have our last seminar and on Monday the big exam. Big stress!

Today me and my seminar study group finished our long work about H&M. During 3 weeks we have been building up a long and details situation analysis that we already have been presenting int front of the class twice. It has been really interesting to deeply study H&M, its history, vision and present challenges. Now we are done. Tomorrow instead we have to do a opposition essay about the other study group Zara.

After a long day just sitting in front of the computer I felt like moving a bit so I went for an hour of zumba. Summer music, energy and dancing was just what I needed after all the studies.



Body pump and a fika at Espresso house

Body pumping. It is one of the hardest classes (I do) at SATS. Weight lifting for every part of the body for one hour. It is highly intensive and pretty hard. I have promised myself doing it once a week. I kind of like the class anyway even if it partly kills me. Today I did it at Sats-Hötorget. I really liked the instructor so now I have booked it for next Monday too. 

After the training I finally met up with Tobi. He is one of my best friends and I am ashamed saying it was the first time we met since I moved back to Stockholm. I have been so busy with studies, the flat, the wedding and other stuff that I still haven't been able to see everyone. Shame on me! Tonight Tobi took me to the new Espresso House in town. An amazing coffee place where I for sure will come back quite often. It was both chick and cozy - see pics above. And both the chai latte and the muffin I took was adorable. 

Time for some studies before I am off to bed. 
Buona notte Stockholm!



No longer homeless :-)

I have a mini-small apartment here in Stockholm that we bought few years ago. 
It has been rented out during my years in Italy but today the guy that has been renting it moved out, I got the keys and can move in whenever I want. Freedom.

However, due to lack on internet and a TV in the flat I will push my move in a bit and at least for some nights I will keep staying with my mum. However, slowly slowly I will move my thing to the flat and I guess within a week or so I will live there full time.

Below; my mum, dad, Stella and myself has a Kebab-lunch in the afternoon after visiting the flat.


A little family dinner and a night out at Nosh and Chow

Little family dinner at home with mum, dad and Cicci

I am not used to be able to collect my family and friends for dinners whenever I want so at least now, in the beginning I do it as much as I can. Yesterday I cooked a nice pasta for my parents and Cicci.

Afterwards Cicci and I went out for a glass of wine. We ended up at Nash and Chow and we stayed there all night. I can guess that it will become a new favourite place in Stockholm. But for someone that have lived in Italy it is crazily expensive. 95 kr for a glass of wine - that is like 11 euros. But a part from that it is a very nice place and we enjoyed out night as we met up with lots of people and really had fun.



Pancakes and personal training

I feel being a student is more stressful than to be an employee. I have my first exam in 9 days time and I constantly have that in mind.

But being a student also gives me more "free" time. A part from the few lesions I have each week I can plan my own days however I want and divide my time in between studies, training, family and friends.

I am still kind of homeless, so I am staying in my mums place. So few times a week my mum and I cook something together - meaning I teach her new things. Yesterday we did simple Swedish pancakes for lunch, something I haven't done for so long. And it is so nice.

The pancakes were a perfect energy kick before my first personal training session at Sats-Vasagatan. It was my introduction meeting with my personal trainer, a very tall Italian guy that was very motivated in teaching me lifting heavy weight in the correct way. 

The rest of the evening I spent sipping tea with a friend at the Italian coffee lounge. 



Fika with Lisa

In less than two weeks I will be having my first exam. OMG. Today I realized how much studies I have to do in these two weeks so today I started. Hard work. But at least it is interesting. 

After many hours at university, hours of both studies and seminars, I finally allowed myself out of there and went for a well gained chai latte with Lisa at Wayne's. Lisa is an ex-university friend from my first year of studies and today we started to plan a little reunion from the time. Oh I love organizing events :-)




Today I took brought my dad with me to a restaurant that I for a very long time wanted to visit, Stekpannan. It is known as a Swedish restaurant with high quality food for quite good prices (Stockholm-wise).

So tonight we went, I took a fish and my dad some kind of meat. I wouldn't really say the food was typical Swedish but it was very good. 


A day with my globetrotter-friends Amanda and Anna

I am not the only globetrotter in among my friends... Yesterday I spend the afternoon with my friend Amanda. She's been living in the alps in the last 10 years or something but at the moment she is back in town and I couldn't be happier about it. On the picture above is pregnant Amanda with her sweet sun Billy and her dog Luo. An amazing family.

Then in the evening I hanged out with another childhood friend Anna. We went to SATS for a heavy body pump class and then we fixed a cosy dinner in her place watching IDOL. Unfortunately Anns is about to move to Canada. So sad, when we finally live in the same city for the first time in 12 years she is off again. 

I know I have been the one leaving places and friends so many times to move away to new places. It is hard to be the one being left. But I also know what an great experience it to be the one moving away, to create a new life in a new place. 
I am very happy having friends with such courage, who don't hesitate in meeting the world for new experiences. 


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