Body pump and a fika at Espresso house

Body pumping. It is one of the hardest classes (I do) at SATS. Weight lifting for every part of the body for one hour. It is highly intensive and pretty hard. I have promised myself doing it once a week. I kind of like the class anyway even if it partly kills me. Today I did it at Sats-Hötorget. I really liked the instructor so now I have booked it for next Monday too. 

After the training I finally met up with Tobi. He is one of my best friends and I am ashamed saying it was the first time we met since I moved back to Stockholm. I have been so busy with studies, the flat, the wedding and other stuff that I still haven't been able to see everyone. Shame on me! Tonight Tobi took me to the new Espresso House in town. An amazing coffee place where I for sure will come back quite often. It was both chick and cozy - see pics above. And both the chai latte and the muffin I took was adorable. 

Time for some studies before I am off to bed. 
Buona notte Stockholm!


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  1. Andreas Nilsson04/03/2016, 12:52

    Riktigt coola bilder


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