Lunch at Il forno da Nova

Two days left before the big exam.

Today has been mostly about studies but with two nice study breaks. My dad came by with a TV and then dragged me out for lunch in the area. We went to "Il forno da Nova" a quite famous Italian restaurant at Gullmarsplan. Maybe it is famous, and it was actually very good but the prices are just ridiculous. 

Its gonna take me a while to get used to the Swedish prices of the Italian food. Less quality than in Italy but you pay at least three times the price...

In the evening instead I took my second study break to meet up Sebastian for a glass of wine at fancy "Grand Escalier" in Sturegallerian. Never seen the place before but for sure it was very very nice. 



  1. Nu gjorde du mig pizzasugen också, halv tio på morgonen haha!
    Hoppas allt är fint med dig,

  2. Hejsan jag heter Nicklas,skulle vilja skrika att jag älskar dig,men det vore väldans undligt?
    kanske någon gång får jag säga det?vad tror du?vore så kul om du ville ge mig en chans,kram Nicklas.


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