Weird night out

Cicci, Johanna and Laura
Laura, Johanna and I
What started off like a calm and nice after-work-girl-evening ended up as one of the weirdest nights out in a vert long time. Absolutely unexpected. But forever memorable.

Above is part of the girl gang having after work drinks at Nash and Now. It was me, Erika, Cicci, Johanna, Sanna and Laura. Marie turned up a bit later and we left Nosh and now...

Went for massive cheese burger dinner at Mc Donalds. "Can I have 8 cheese burgers please" :-)

After our little dinner we joined my friend Olle at a private company party in an office at Stureplan. We just walked in and found out it was a hippie theme so we ended up like hippies and had such fun.

Me and Marie
Hippie- Maria

All above are my pictures/memories from the night.

Below you see Laura's photo mix.

The firemen turned up as the fire alarm started beeping due to the smoke machine on the dance floor.

A guy cut a small sore in his hand but started bleeding like crazy... drama...

Then the police or some kind of security turned up as the alarm on the office underneath went off for some kind of reason... Very eventful evening but so much fun.



  1. Great night hey... :D

  2. Proprio serata alla Maria


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