Studying and exercising - a perfect combo!

You might, like I did, believe that being a student would be an easy life with lots of spare time to hang out with friends, go partying and having fun. During my bachelor I kind of had that life. 
The master studies are different! 

I will during this semester take 4 different courses. Every course is 4-5 week long and during this four weeks period there are so much stuff to cover, to do and to learn. 

Like I have said maybe 10 times already I have my first big accounting exam tomorrow. The maybe two weeks I haven´t had a life. Kind of. At least for being me. The ones of you that know me or have been following this blog for long knows that my normal lifestyle is very varied, social and active. I normally like to do something "special" every day and meeting as many friends as possible during a week. 

During the past two weeks I have met few friends. Had some movie evenings, some long walks and dinners but not as much as I am used to. And the reason is my bloody study books. I have been spending so much time at home or in libraries reading and studying. The kind of sedentary lifestyle I hate. 

To survive this I have been exercising more than normal. I have actually been to the gym every day doing just something. Some dance classes, some yoga and other fitness classes bringing me energy. 

This is my therapy to survive all the study hours. 

Picture found on the web. I don´t really do like her, but I do believe in the importance of working out the body while working out the brain...


My new kind of nightlife

In these days I am struggling concentrating. I am not only talking about concentration problems while I am studying, but also when I am reading a book, watching a movie or practicing yoga - things that normally would catch my full attention. My thoughts just keeps flying away...

On Friday I have my first big accounting exam. You bet I am nervous. Honestly, it doesn't really matter if I pass it or not, I can just re-do it if I fail, but like always I put myself under pressure and I want to give my all to have a good result. 

I have tried studying at the university, at the public library, at a coffee place and at home. It doesn't really matter where I am, I really struggle focusing on what I am reading. But I have come up with one thing - the easiest way for me to concentrate is to study in the late evening and early night. I remember it used to be like that my last year of my bachelor degree as well - at the time I actually could sit up until 05-06 am and then sleep half the day instead... 

Tonight I plan to stay up and study until 02am. I have to finish all my studies until then as tomorrow, the last day before the exam, should be all about repeating. Will I manage? Well, not if I go on blogging... ;-)

Good night sweeties.



The study zombie is still alive...

Hello my dear blog and my sweet readers. I am really sorry for the lack of updating the past week. My mind have been busy with so many other (maybe more important?) things that I haven't even thought about blogging. But here I am, feeling good and getting ready for the Big exam on Friday.

Above you see some random pics from the last 3 days.

1. After-yoga-thai-lunch out

2. Night studies

3. Waiting for the body pump class to start...

4. Cosy Saturday-move-night-in 

5-6. Really nice Indian lunch at Shanti
A very popular and high ranked Indian restaurant on "Sofo" in Stockholm. 

7-9. Afternoon walk down at Karlbergs palace park with Erika



Fancy Friday at Ristorante Il Tempo

It took me two month in Sweden before I started craving for nice Italian food. Generally the Italian restaurants in Stockholm are quite nice but nothing special and very expensive. Obviously I spoiled with  the best kind of Italian food after all my years in Italy and I am used to get better food for lower prices but I better give it up now, otherwise I won't eat Italian at all a part from the my own cooking at home.

Last night my dad and I decided to fancy up our Friday evening with a restaurant visit at ristorante Il Tempo, an Italian restaurant many of my friends have been talking about... The food was good, the dessert amazingly good and the service was great too. 
Lets say we had a good time! :-)



Autumn in Hammarby Sjöstad

Mum and Stella on the boat

Took a little study break and went out for a couple of hours walk with mamma and Stella from Skanstull and around whole Hammarby Sjöstad. 

Such a lovely weather today, 15 degrees and the sun is standing proud on the sky lightening up the beautiful autumn colors around Stockholm.



Sore throat :-(

I haven't been sick for so long. I had some stomach problems this spring but I haven't had a flu or a cold since... years? Last couple of days I have been feeling a bit weak. I skipped training and tried to eat lots of vitamins and drink a lot but yesterday evening when I got home I realized that I was sick. My throat was so sore I could hardly talk or swallow. I took some pain-killers and went straight to bed....

This morning I woke up feeling a bit better but I decided to cancel both my lunch out and my favorite zumba class and just stay in bed. Thanks god I have the house full of nice teas! I have been sitting/lying in bed all day, drinking hot teas, reading a bit and watching all episodes of the X-Factor UK - I just love it!

My mum came by with some honey, fresh fruit and fresh bread in the afternoon. That is things I have been missing while living abroad... Having my family near when I mostly need them!


Music quiz at morfar Ginko

It is not the simplest thing on earth bringing together big groups of friends for evenings out here in Stockholm. I have been home for 6 weeks now I think and I have only managed to get my friends together three times, but... three times is better than nothing. Its been a girl night out, a mongolian bbq-dinner out and yesterday we went for a pub music quiz out. 

It wasn't my idea actually, I didn't even know about the place, Morfar Ginko, what a name! Morfar means grandpa in Swedish :-)  But it was a fun, different styled and popular place on "söder" (the south part of Stockholm).

At 9pm the place was overly packed with people and they started a music and film quiz. Unfortunately it wasn't really my type of neither movies or music they were asking about and my team failed completely, but it was great fun anyway. 



Dog sittning

This afternoon/evening I have been dog watching my mum's dog, Stella. As the weather was the worst possible I couldn't bring her for one of my hours long walks, but instead I took Stella with me for a long coffee with Zarah. My mum is always out at coffee places so Stella is a experienced cafeteria dog :-)
Zarah is one of my best friends and today was the first time I met her since I moved home, you bet I was happy! 

Now my mum just picked up Stella and it almost feels a bit empty. Having a dog is so nice. Someone who's around, keeping you company and gives you wet kisses every now and then. I think I gonna start dog sitting Stella a little bit more often. 

Now it's time for AC Milan - FC Barcelona!
Who I am supporting? Milan because they are Italian? Or Barcelona just because they are such amazing team? I won't tell you. But I guess its gonna be a good game.



10 hours of university plus zumba

Myself after the zumba class
Studying at the university cafeteria

I'm so tired, so very tired.

It has been a very long day today even if it run by very fast. Had a accounting lecture in the morning. Stayed at uni studying with Sofie, a girl from my class, the whole afternoon and late afternoon we had math accounting workshop. Straight after those 10 hours at school I went for an hour of zumba. 

Coming home at 9pm I felt like falling straight into my bed but after a big dinner I already feel better. By brain has worked and my body has worked out well and even if I feel exhausted I feel really satisfied.

A cup of tea, relaxing music and a good book and my Monday ends the best kind of way. 

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