A day with Amanda and little Billy

It has been a long, busy but great funny day today.

This morning I went to the gym. I thought I was going to a dance class but I ended up at the wrong sats location so instead they booked me into a body pump class. Another one. I did one on Monday as well and I feel pain in my muscles from that one. Soon I am becoming a mini-body-builder-Maria ;-)

After the training I had a delicious asian lunch with my mum. 

Then I met up with my friend from the lower schools, Amanda and her 1,5 year old son Billy. I normally don't get very attached to small kids but Billy is something special. So happy, funny and cute. I spend almost all the day kicking ball and playing with him. I just couldn't have enough of the little cutie. I stayed for dinner with Amanda and her boyfriend. I am so happy having them here in Stockholm for at least few months now. 

I ended my busy day with a chai latte at Wayne's with Ioannis. 

I just realized now when I got home that I haven't stopped a second for breathing today. But really fun day.


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