A game of pool

Pictures from today

Stated off the day with a lecture in accounting. This course is really hard and I find it hard keeping up and understand all the methodics. I can´t really do anything than just read as much as I can and slowly slowly learn and understand it more.  Working in accounting is something really different from studying it and it is so many theories to learn. 

After school I went home and hot unexpectedly visit from Cicci, so I prepared an Italian frittata with a salad and we had lunch together. I love surprises! 

After a whole afternoon of studying I got my second visit of the day. Mum and little Stella came by some of my things. 

To move a little bit after sitting still all day I went to Sats Stureplan for a class of body balance. It was different from all the body balance classes I have been too. The class was held in a pure white room without any mirrors at all. I am used to be able to check myself in the mirror when practicing yoga and similar classes but suddenly I just had to concentrate on the feeling of doing the things which made the whole experience different. 

As a fun end of the day I went for a couple of hours of pool playing with a friend. I haven't played in at least 10 years and I could hardly hold the cue stick but after a while I got the feeling back. Its like cycling, you never really loose the feeling of it. I can't say I was good at all, but I had fun and now I know I wanna start playing pool more often. Yesterday I lost.


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