A night at Rose Club

Above - mobile pics from Rose
Below - Picture from the dinner when dog sitting Stella

Stockholm is the city where people wants to plan every minute of their lives. Flexibility is one of their (our?) weaknesses instead the efficiency is really high.

So I wonder why my Friday nights never turns out like I try to plan them. Am I bad at planning or whats wrong...

Yesterday Cicci and I were supposed to dog watch Stella while my mum went out with her girl friends and after that we were supposed to attend an international event in town.

We did dog watch little Stella. We had a nice toast skagen dinner together with a "kladdkaka" i made. Lets say a less healthy dinner. 

Then we went to Collage where Internations were supposed to host a big international party. We arrived and the arrogant security guys welcomed us saying they did not know anything about an international event. Cicci, myself and many other guests left and we never got to know what kind of party it was inside Collage. 

Instead we went for a drink at Grand Escalier and from there we went on for a night at the dancefloor at Rose. Finally some dancing! I must say I don't like Swedish night clubs so I will rarely go clubbing here but I love dancing so I was happy to just dance non-stop for three hours. 

Rose Club is nice. But one thing Swedish night clubs has in common is far too loud music and absolutely too many drunk and desperate people (girls and guys) around. There is something about Swedes and drinking (read: getting completely wasted) that I don't really like - the very quiet and well educated Swedish population gets mentally weird. Well, better laugh than cry. And Cicci and I had a fun evening.


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