A zumba class or a dance show?

Went for my second zumba class at SATS today. My first one, a couple of weeks ago, was fun but nothing special. Today it was special.

The instructor was just something different from everything I have ever seen at a gym. Instead of paying lots to go to the theater to see a dance show I can just attend this class as he held a show of great class for the around 80 girls dancing in front of him. 

I so much enjoyed the whole hour of dancing and I was almost disappointed when it was over. Too bad this amazing zumba class has kind of a tricky schedule time, 12.00, and it is also a bit difficult to get a place as his class quickly get fully booked, but I get why...

But I would strongly recommend Norberto Lacourt's zumba class no Thursdays 12.00 at Medborgarplatsen.


1 comment:

  1. that is how it should be. the instructors are our inspiration and mentors in getting better and working out harder. if I ever go to sweden I gonna look for that man and take a dance class or two for him


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