Dog sittning

This afternoon/evening I have been dog watching my mum's dog, Stella. As the weather was the worst possible I couldn't bring her for one of my hours long walks, but instead I took Stella with me for a long coffee with Zarah. My mum is always out at coffee places so Stella is a experienced cafeteria dog :-)
Zarah is one of my best friends and today was the first time I met her since I moved home, you bet I was happy! 

Now my mum just picked up Stella and it almost feels a bit empty. Having a dog is so nice. Someone who's around, keeping you company and gives you wet kisses every now and then. I think I gonna start dog sitting Stella a little bit more often. 

Now it's time for AC Milan - FC Barcelona!
Who I am supporting? Milan because they are Italian? Or Barcelona just because they are such amazing team? I won't tell you. But I guess its gonna be a good game.


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