Great zumba after a sedentary day

I have already forgot about my 9 hours sedentary working days I used to have before moving to Stockholm. Even if I moved around much more than many other colleagues I used to have the typical office job where I sat starting at a computer almost all day long. 

Since I came to Stockholm my life is much more varied than that. I actually don't have any proper routines at all which for me is kind of a strange lifestyle. Some days I have class at 08am and I get up early and I get what I would call a "normal" day where I get up before 07 and go to bed 11pm more and less. But other days I haven't have class until late afternoon so why would I set the alarm and force myself getting up early when I don't have to? I don't. And those days I might get up at 9 or 10 so I push my daily routine few hours... 

However, that was not the point of this blog post. Today I went to school early. Had lecture and then I sat down with Sofie, a girl in my seminar group, and played around with numbers at balances sheets for like 9 hours. When I finally got out of university my legs felt like made of stone, really painful. I am not used to a sedentary life anymore. 

I went home, had a massive toast and a power nap and then I went to SATS for an hour of ZUMBA followed by a long stretch. Wow. That made the trick and now while having a later dinner I feel alive again.


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