On my way home at 02am. It was cold. Very cold!

THE girls!

Bringing back old professional skills

Dinner and Idol
The little Friday tradition goes on.

The weeks are just flying by and I don't really find time to spend some quality time with my best friends. So a good little Friday tradition has now become dinner - TV Idol - a drink out. 

Idol is TV show like the X Factor. Slightly lower quality than X factor UK and US though... But it is fun anyway! I support Kevin and Gabriel :-) The one and only TV-show I will follow this year. 

After the dinner, the dressing and make up preparation and the tv-idol we went out for a drink at Hotellet - my new favorite place here in Stockholm. I went to Hotellet last Saturday with another friend and really liked it so yesterday I went back bringing Cicci with me and she liked it too :-) Finally we got a favorite place in town!


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