Kanelbullens dag


Swedish Kanelbullar

Champagne cocktails at Ljunggren

Kanelbulle (cinnamon roll/bun) is a Swedish sweet bun very popular here in Sweden. Yesterday, the 4th October, it was the the cinnamon bun-day and wherever in Stockholm I went I could feel the aroma of newly baked cinnamon buns. Very nice scent. And everyone were eating one everywhere...

I didn´t eat any during the day. Didn't really have time. Had lecture at university, studied at the library, went for a body balance class at SATS, had a quick lunch, went to Jysk for some shopping for the flat and then I had to start preparing the dinner.

Had Laura and Cicci over for a little girl dinner and instead of making a dessert I bought some amazingly good cinnamon buns. Yaaam. We had dinner, drank wine and had a good time.

Later on we went to Ljunggren - a, for me, new place at Slussen in Stockholm. It is like a small shopping center that during the evenings gets transformed into a club with 3-4 bars inside. It was a good mix of people and a quite nice place actually.


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