Lunch with two mums :-)

Today I went for lunch with two great girls I have known for quite long now. We used to be the girls hanging at the nightclubs together during our younger years. Those years are gone. 

Now both these girls has better things to do than hanging on discos, they have their babies to take care of. Anna got her first sun more than two years ago and her second is on its way. Sandra got her pretty little baby girl just a couple of months ago and today was the first time I met her. So sweet.

In the afternoon I met up with my personal trainer Andreas for another session of gym-technique training. I actually do some exercises wrongly which could be bad for my back. It is just so hard to change them. I have been doing them like that for so long that they are stucked in my head, but I try at least. Now I got some new work outs to focus on until the next personal trainer session. 

After the gym I went for a long walk at Djurgården with a friend. The autumn colors are starting to come out and I have to take a walk taking some nice photos one of these days soon. 


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