Music quiz at morfar Ginko

It is not the simplest thing on earth bringing together big groups of friends for evenings out here in Stockholm. I have been home for 6 weeks now I think and I have only managed to get my friends together three times, but... three times is better than nothing. Its been a girl night out, a mongolian bbq-dinner out and yesterday we went for a pub music quiz out. 

It wasn't my idea actually, I didn't even know about the place, Morfar Ginko, what a name! Morfar means grandpa in Swedish :-)  But it was a fun, different styled and popular place on "söder" (the south part of Stockholm).

At 9pm the place was overly packed with people and they started a music and film quiz. Unfortunately it wasn't really my type of neither movies or music they were asking about and my team failed completely, but it was great fun anyway. 



  1. Vad trevligt och gott det ser ut!:)

    Svar: Det beror ju helt på hur du delar upp dem:) Du har ju större valfrihet att välja om de sparas ihop eller inte i iPhoto, mina mappar fungerar exakt som "på den gamla tiden" fast bilderna syns större och mer organiserade. Bara man kommer underfund med det så lovar jag att det är bättre, ge det en chans till:)

    Hoppas allt är fint med dig!

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