My new kind of nightlife

In these days I am struggling concentrating. I am not only talking about concentration problems while I am studying, but also when I am reading a book, watching a movie or practicing yoga - things that normally would catch my full attention. My thoughts just keeps flying away...

On Friday I have my first big accounting exam. You bet I am nervous. Honestly, it doesn't really matter if I pass it or not, I can just re-do it if I fail, but like always I put myself under pressure and I want to give my all to have a good result. 

I have tried studying at the university, at the public library, at a coffee place and at home. It doesn't really matter where I am, I really struggle focusing on what I am reading. But I have come up with one thing - the easiest way for me to concentrate is to study in the late evening and early night. I remember it used to be like that my last year of my bachelor degree as well - at the time I actually could sit up until 05-06 am and then sleep half the day instead... 

Tonight I plan to stay up and study until 02am. I have to finish all my studies until then as tomorrow, the last day before the exam, should be all about repeating. Will I manage? Well, not if I go on blogging... ;-)

Good night sweeties.


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  1. You look fat girly. Swedish life is not good for you?


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