Proud of myself

For those of you who doesn't know I am doing my master year in business accounting at the moment. I have studied basic accounting in 2002 on like a first level during year one at university. Then the second and third year at university I studied management, marketing and other business classes to finally get my bachelor degree but I didn't take any more accounting classes at all.

So now, I have skipped two levels of accounting studies and jumped into the fourth level - the master level. It feels impossible. I guess it would be easier to learn perfect Chinese in four weeks than learn what I have to learn to pass the first accounting exam in two weeks time. 

Today I had my first seminar. I have studied with my mini-seminar group three times to prepare for today's seminar but I must admit that I have mostly felt confused even if we have managed to do some exercises together. 

The first thing the professor did at the seminar today was to get my group of three, up at the front of the room to present to him and the rest of the class how to set up a long concern balance sheet analysis. I was the lucky one chosen to draw and explain it all on the black board - I was sure to fail and to be a shame to the group. But I don't know how, but I managed to draw and count everything completely correctly. I felt so satisfied. 

Straight after school I went to mum's place to dog watch Stella. To celebrate my success in school I bought myself a Kabanoss from the well famous place Gunter. Delicious and well deserved.

More over I have had a long fika with Elin-Saga this afternoon, a friend of mine since my year at KTH university in 2001. We haven't met for quite long and it was great fun to meet up and talk trough the past years experiences. 

I finished my great day with a great body pump work out. 
Well yea, a really fab day!


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