Sore throat :-(

I haven't been sick for so long. I had some stomach problems this spring but I haven't had a flu or a cold since... years? Last couple of days I have been feeling a bit weak. I skipped training and tried to eat lots of vitamins and drink a lot but yesterday evening when I got home I realized that I was sick. My throat was so sore I could hardly talk or swallow. I took some pain-killers and went straight to bed....

This morning I woke up feeling a bit better but I decided to cancel both my lunch out and my favorite zumba class and just stay in bed. Thanks god I have the house full of nice teas! I have been sitting/lying in bed all day, drinking hot teas, reading a bit and watching all episodes of the X-Factor UK - I just love it!

My mum came by with some honey, fresh fruit and fresh bread in the afternoon. That is things I have been missing while living abroad... Having my family near when I mostly need them!


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