Studying and exercising - a perfect combo!

You might, like I did, believe that being a student would be an easy life with lots of spare time to hang out with friends, go partying and having fun. During my bachelor I kind of had that life. 
The master studies are different! 

I will during this semester take 4 different courses. Every course is 4-5 week long and during this four weeks period there are so much stuff to cover, to do and to learn. 

Like I have said maybe 10 times already I have my first big accounting exam tomorrow. The maybe two weeks I haven´t had a life. Kind of. At least for being me. The ones of you that know me or have been following this blog for long knows that my normal lifestyle is very varied, social and active. I normally like to do something "special" every day and meeting as many friends as possible during a week. 

During the past two weeks I have met few friends. Had some movie evenings, some long walks and dinners but not as much as I am used to. And the reason is my bloody study books. I have been spending so much time at home or in libraries reading and studying. The kind of sedentary lifestyle I hate. 

To survive this I have been exercising more than normal. I have actually been to the gym every day doing just something. Some dance classes, some yoga and other fitness classes bringing me energy. 

This is my therapy to survive all the study hours. 

Picture found on the web. I don´t really do like her, but I do believe in the importance of working out the body while working out the brain...


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  1. she looks like you. Good luck tomorrow!


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