Urban Deli

Now I start like I have done in both London and Milan. I search online: on blogs and magazines, for the most popular bars and restaurants in town, I list them and then I visit them.

Stockholm might not me massively big but it offers a lot when it comes to eating and drinking out.

One of the most popular restaurants today in Stockholm is Urban Deli on Nytorget. I have never heard about it so obviously I had to check it out. 

Urban deli as seen as a restaurant was nothing special. It was neither elegant or cosy and didn´t feel very trendy either even if it is. The food was expensive but actually really good. 

What I most liked about Urban Deli is the little shop they got in one part of the restaurant. It felt like a much smaller version of the British fantastic Whole Foods. I found so many nice and different things. And I also found my favorite tea; Clipper! I got so happy. 

Below is Nytorget daytime on Söder in Stockholm. Nice, heh? 



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