2nd Hunger games movie - Catching fire

The Hunger Games! 
The book trilogy that cached my heart. I don't like neither science fiction books or movies but the storyline in these books really attracted me and even if it was some time ago I read them I remember them perfectly. The books won many awards and even the first movie received very positive critics.   

You can read here what I though about the first movie... 

Yesterday Stephanie (my very sweet Swiss study-mate) and I went to the cinema to see the second Hunger Game-movie, Catching fire. You might be surprised when I say that I loved it. 
I don't know if it was the experience to go to the cinema (first time in maybe 6 months that I go), or that I didn't have any great expectations or, if it actually was a fantastic movie that made me enjoying every second of it, but I just loved it.  

The film is 2,5 hours long, we went quite late in the evening and before the movie I was afraid to fall asleep during the film as it is so long but I absolutely didn't. 
2,5 hours passed as it would had been 30 minutes and kept both of us thrilled from the beginning until the end.   


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  1. jag aaaaaalskade oxa filmen sa grymt javla bra (: (:


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