A good Saturday

Dinner at Á la Crêpe
Took a long walk at the cemetery - Skogsskyrkogården

Spend half day at IKEA  - Kungenskurva

I had a really good day yesterday even if it was a bit long. 

Started off the day with a little walk in the sun. Then I met up with dad and went to IKEA in Kungens kurva. That is what we call the "original IKEA" as it was the first one out here in Stockholm. It is very different from the IKEA's I am used to in London and Milan but when I found out that the building is round and that I more and less just had to follow a spiral to go through it I like it. 

I bought lots of stuff. A lamp. Some pillows. Some tea/latte mugs. And some more things. I just love having a own flat and to be able to design it myself. 

The IKEA visit was great fun but very energy consuming as it felt like whole Stockholm was there at the same time.

Another place where half Stockholm actually really was, was at the cemetery in Skogsskyrkogården for the all saints day. It was more people getting there yesterday than it normally is on a big sports- or concert event here in town, crazy. But it was truly beautiful with all the candles all over the cemetery. I went with Niklas, and I must say I am happy I didn't went alone. It was a bit scary but absolutely fascinating

After the cemetery walk we went for dinner at Á la Crêpe on Söder. For the first time in my life I had a something that they in Swedish and French calls "a gallette" - a kind of foody pancake with beef, cheese, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes on. A bit weird but really nice!   

That was my great Saturday! Today is Sunday. A lazy Sunday!


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