A house party!

On the way to the party yesterday evening...
Yesterday night I went to a house party. A house party! I haven't been to a real house party since...? Oh I don't even know. I guess the last house party I went to was hosted by myself in 2010, my leaving party in London. That was a great evening. Below are four pics from that evening in London - great memories. 

However, like I said yesterday I went to a house party on Söder here in Stockholm. A  international gathering of friends where I didn't really know anyone. It was a mix of Spanish, Italian, Rumanian, Finish, Serbian and Swedish people and most of them worked as medical researchers. It was Laura who knew some of there people and Cicci and I just came along. Interesting and fun evening but I didn't take any photos. 

On the way home I was wondering how come we used to have so many house parties when we were younger but not any more? Isn't that boring? My flat is a bit small but I am thinking of hosting a little Christmas party in my place before the holidays. That could be lots of fun!

My leaving party in London 2010



  1. Sei bellissima Mary

  2. love your eyes

  3. You look fantastic sweetie

  4. You look fantastic sweetie

  5. You look fantastic sweetie

  6. You look fantastic sweetie


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