Auditing studies

Few months ago I was quite sure I wanted to become an auditor. I felt it could had been an interesting and challenging profession, perfect for my personality.

At the moment I am taking an course in international auditing at the university and my thought have slightly changed. The auditors for sure are having an interesting and challenging job but they seems to live other constant pressure, stress and risks for getting sued. Things that for sure doesn't fit at all with the one I am or the kind of life I would like to live.

The question "what do you wanna be when you grow old" is something that keeps rushing though my mind. Certificated accountant, an auditor or any other profession working with accounting, controls and financial regulation.

Today I have been in school since 07.30(!) until now when I just got home to my mums place. My fun seminar group and I have been studying auditing risks and auditing planning all day long and my head now feels like exploding. 

Now its time for a fancy dinner out with my mum.


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  1. sempre sorridente, anche a scuola. brava.


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