Fun dancing and thai lunch

Thursday and -6 to the exam. Sigh. 
Today I struggle to find study motivation and I find million other things to do instead of reading my auditing books. 

For example I spent an hour reading "articles" on the site Politism about politics, feminism and crime in Sweden. Good and fascinating reading.

At midday I went for my favorite dance class at Sats Medborgarplatsen. 
The class I once wrote about here
Today it wasn´t "just" the extremely good dance teacher that held the show, next to me danced a girl that was so f***** good. It was a true pleasure to see her own interpretations of the movements the instructor showed us to do. I was really amazed. 

After the dancing I met up with my dad for a late lunch in the area. We went to Restaurang Orkide and enjoyed some thai wok. Orkide actually has really nice food and their lunch menu is really praiseworthy. As you can see from the last pic the restaurant was almost empty when we had finished our lunch which for me was normal lunch hours 1-2pm but I guess that in Sweden they eat lunch around 11.30 or something...


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