"Fredagsmys" is a very commonly used Swedish expression meaning "cosy Friday".

When I lived abroad I kept seeing lots of facebook statue updates or blog posts about "fredagsmys" every single Friday and I kind of found it a bit ridiculous. Not until now, when I live in Sweden myself I have understood the true meaning of it. 

The Swedish cosy Fridays is an expression for staying in with friends (I guess you can use it if you are alone or with your partner too...) cooking dinner and eating together, watch the Swedish Idol, watch a movie, eat nice snacks and yea, just have a good (cosy) time together. 

Last night Cicci and I were planning to go out but just before we met we agreed to have a "fredagsmys"-evening instead. I cooked salmon with bulgur, vegetables and a feta-herb-sauce, we watched the Swedish Idol, ate crisps with dip and enjoyed some episodes of sex and the city. 

A great friend, good food and entertaining TV was just a perfect Friday evening. 
But now you non-Swedes might think, "she is becoming one of those boring Swedish never going out girls" and maybe I am, who knows? ;-)


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  1. i want a pic of ur new bf


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