Melt bar

Yesterday N and I tried out a new place on Söder called Melt. This is what MELT say about says about themselves on their website:

"Stockholm's newest wine and cocktail bar is now open and it's called MELT. Smooth, seductive and sensual... MELT is about decadent tastes and sinful atmosphere. We'll take you back the days of the Belle Époque in France, the Speakeasies of Prohibition New York and the Salons of old New Orleans. You'll find an elegance in the deep red tones, crushed black velvets, candle light, roses, lustful desire and cordial staff. ​ MELT is based on a passionate love story that's reflected in everything we do. The love affair has just begun so invite your best friend, the love of your life or the beautiful eyes from last weekend. Everyone is invited to MELT. Come inside and be seduced by MELT."

I guess no-one could say they don't get curious after reading such an introduction about a bar in... Stockholm... So we went to try it out and it actually was very cozy, a bit moulin rouge-style :-)


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