My audit seminar group

Second and last auditing seminar is now over and done. 
Such a relief!

During the past three weeks have I together with the three girls you see above gone through sweat, tears and laughter. We have experienced stress, sleepless nights and felt pressure in a way which should not be when you are "just" studying. 

The second project we had to do was to develop an own audit risk analysis and a full audit plan. Might sound like something simple but it was very tricky and time consuming. We have spent days, evenings and weekends working with this project and we could had gone on forever if it wasn't for the timeout. 

Today we had the presentation in English in front of the whole class. We had to defend ourselves, still in front of everyone when another group did their opposition job criticizing us. And we had to do peer review and a opposition upon another groups audit plan. 

All four of us were so nervous before the seminar today but in the end it worked out quite well. 
I am so glad I ended up in the group with these three sweet girls. Even if we have gone though hard times we have worked very well together and in the end we also have had some fun!

Now, finally, I can start concentrating on the audit exam next week. 



  1. Hej Maria. Men så ska det ju inte vara att studera. Lider med dig. Skönt att ni fick det överstökat i alla fall. Jag önskar dig lycka till på tentan nästa vecka och jag hoppas få träffa dig snart lilla fröken busy. Vem är N föresten? Tror nog vi har mycket att ta igen när vi ses ;-) Kram


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