New course, long fika and some zumba

Today I started a new course at university. International auditing. I thought my studies couldn't be at higher level than my last course (the accounting course) but I was wrong. 

International auditing is another 4 weeks course where we have to study one 500-pages book, 5 massive articles, do one individual essay, two groups projects and one final exam the 4th of December. How are we gonna manage is my question? I know nothing about auditing and in four weeks I have to be an expert. And not only, on Wednesday I am starting another course that I will study at the same time. 

Goodbye life. I gonna have to live at the library until Christmas I guess. Sigh. 

Well, auditing is something that interests me. I have actually been been having thoughts about studying all the way to become an auditor (like many more years..). This course will be my first step in understanding if auditing is something that I could like or not. 

The rest of the day was a bit nicer. After the class I took a long walk in the sun along Brunnsviken (see pics above). I just needed to think if I was ready for this new big study challenge or not. If I am ready to offer so much time and effort to try to pass these courses. I decided to give it a go.

Then I met up Erika for a very long fika (coffee break). I think we sat like 3-4 hours at "Espresso house" sipping tea, chailatte and eating a cinnamon bun. 

Tonight I have released the last bit of energy I had on a great zumba class. Great fun as always!


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