Pyjama party with Stella

Stella is back at my place. 
Tonight we have even planned a sleepover which means I will stay in and have a girls night in with her. We have just together eaten "blodpudding" for dinner and now I gonna study a bit while she is sleeping in my bed. Later we will go for a long (and cold) walk before we gonna get in under the duvet together to watch a movie. That is what I would call a cosy night in. 

...and I need it. These days are all about studying. Together with my seminar audit group I studied the whole weekend, we even sat all Sunday in School(!) and today from early morning until late we have been preparing for the presentation, opposition and essay hand in we have tomorrow. 
If that wouldn't be enough, next Wednesday I have a very big and difficult exam and I need all time and effort that I can find to prepare for it otherwise there is no way I will pass it. Sigh. 

I actually had enough about studying and I am actually thinking of quitting. Now you had chock right? I normally don't like giving up on things but this is different... 
Well, I will take that up another time, as now I have to get back to the books. 



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