Soma Move - Animal yoga

Pic from Sats website

Yesterday I tried out a new class at SATS called Soma Move. It was my friend Erika who made me curious about this (strange) group training class so obviously I had to try it out.

On SATS's website its written; "Soma Move is a strength and conditioning training that offers mobility, agility and balance. Soma Move is based on animal movements, so-called "animal workout" with a nice flow between the exercises. We do not follow music's pace but still using the music's energy to provide power and strength during class time." Interesting, don't you think?

However when I arrived at the training center I asked one of the personal trainers what he thought about the soma-class and he said it was kind of a quicker and funnier form of yoga. With those words I was convinced to try it...

It did remember me of yoga but it was still something completely different. It was like he said quicker and was mostly focused on strengths and conditioning not much mobility or stretching at all. It was very hard to be honest and I got really tired quite quickly.

I would absolutely not say it is neither funnier nor better training than yoga. But then I am a massive yoga fan believing that yoga gives me not only a great training and stretching but also relaxation and stress relief - kind of a meditation. Soma Move is a new and different form of group exercising which for sure gives good training results while having fun. I will certainly try it again.


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