A Christmas lunch

A good thing about Christmas is that families gets together much more than during the rest of the year. Cosy lunches, dinners or kind of afternoon tea/coffee breaks just to... get together. I really like that. Candles, Christmas carols, good food and cakes and happy people. 

A bad thing about Christmas is that most of us eat too much, or at least I do. And its not only that I eat too much food but it is more about that I eat "bad" food and far far far too much sweet things.

This afternoon my mum, Bosse, Stella and I went for late Christmas lunch and fika at Bosse's daughters place in beautiful Henriksdal in Stockholm. It was a very nice afternoon but I feel that I have eaten too much, and soon I gonna have dinner with Cicci. Sigh. 

But hey, its only Christmas once a year! After Christmas I gonna start eating much better, I promise that to myself.


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