A little blind date

On Sunday evening an Italian girl, for me a complete stranger, contacted me saying she knew who I am and that she was coming to Stockholm for a couple days and asked me to be her guide. What do you think I did? I didn´t even think twice, I just agreed to pick her up at her hotel and bring her out for a long walk in Stockholm. 

In the end this girl was a friend of a friend down in Milan but I had never seen her, neither heard talking about her. So, yesterday I picked her up and we took a three hour walk around town. We saw the city center, the old town and its Christmas market, the royal palace, the government and some more places. We had a hot coffee at Espresso house and actually had fun together. A really intelligent and sweet girl. 

Yesterday evening I attended my first board meeting in my house. A new board needs to be chosen for 2014 and for a while I was close to volunteer but then my dad, who joined as well, reminded me that I have actually a quite busy life so I might not have time for all the responsibility it would give. We'll see... After the meeting I had thai dinner with dad and I offered him some of the gingerbread made the day before. Obviously he found my Roma gingerbread cookie :-)


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