All in for Christmas

1st Advent and I decided to go all in for a cosy Christmas. 

There is nothing like Swedish Christmas! Or, I guess that Christmas is fantastic everywhere, but Sweden is special when it comes to Christmas preparations. There is so much decorations around town, in people´s houses and especially in people´s windows. I just love it. 
The winter might be dark in Sweden but December is really adorable thanks to all the decorated windows all town.

Today has been a quite boring Sunday, or at least far to unsocial for someone like me. It has been all about studying except when I took a three hour break for candles shopping, body balance and food shopping. But at least I enjoy my cosy house, some gingerbread and this years' first lussebulle. 

Even at the body balance we had some Christmas spirit with candles around the room. I had a really good hour of training, relaxation and stretching. 


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